EVERY business can become an EXCEPTIONAL COMPANY…But You Must

Think Differently to Perform Better


Get the 3 KEY INGREDIENTS of your business right and you can succeed in ways you’ve never dreamed possible.  All the multitude of other decisions you make each day become much, much simpler…and much more effective.
FIRST, estimate the minimum size your company must reach for you to achieve your personal and financial goals.  Here is a simple mathematical tool I developed to help you estimate the minimum size your company must reach, given your current cost structure and financial goals.  You can access this calculator here:  My Sales Must be HOW BIG?!?   You will be very surprised when you see the results!
SECOND, develop your unique and compelling marketplace advantage. This is not always easy so it is often neglected. But, without a unique marketplace advantage you are doomed to mediocre financial results and mediocre retirement options.  You can see the three critical questions for developing a unique and compelling marketplace advantage here: Compelling Marketplace Advantage
THIRD, you must develop an obsession for quality… FROM YOUR CUSTOMER’S POINT OF VIEW.  This key INGREDIENT can also be difficult and often neglected.  Develop a clear understanding of how your product or service actually helps or frustrates your customers FROM THE CUSTOMER’S POINT OF VIEW.  Most companies tout their ‘customer focus’ but you know from your own daily experience how few companies deliver for their customers.
Generic ‘buy low, sell high’ types of advice simply won’t cut it any more.  The purpose of my company is to help you put into action all of the critical KEY INGREDIENTS in your company.
EVERY business is ‘one-of-a-kind’, INCLUDING YOURS.  So STOP trying to copy others.  INSTEAD, build your own exceptional company with YOUR  clients, YOUR  systems, and YOUR offerings in the marketplace.  YOUR critical success levers are SPECIFIC TO YOUR BUSINESS.
 Owners of exceptional companies have always known this.  Even if you come from a business background, it’s astounding how often we have to return to these basic principles.
Let’s face it – the majority of small business owners today work harder and harder but don’t see the results in their bank accounts.  Why?  Because they do not yet understand all the things a dynamic, ultra-competitive marketplace demands of them.  Why do companies keep struggling year after year?  Because they don’t have the 3 Key Ingredients to guide them make the investment to learn of the many, many possible ways they can improve cash flow.  THEY ARE SIMPLY UNAWARE OF THEIR OPTIONS!
CLICK HERE for some great things you can accomplish if you invest in the Big 3 elements of your business.
CLICK HERE to see if you are on your way to becoming a business ‘statistic’
Ever notice that Companies with astounding cash flow ALWAYS know two things that you may not know About Your Business?
1 An unvarnished and honest understanding of how the current marketplace views their products and services – not how they THINK the marketplace values them, or SHOULD value them.
2 A clear understanding of the specific levels of cash the company MUST produce, and the CRITICAL CASH FLOW LEVERS for their specific business.  They learn, through experiment, what works and what doesn’t.
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