EVERY business can improve their cash flow...

With the RIGHT Approach

Folks, this is NOT rocket surgery!  The ONLY reason you are frustrated by your current cash flow is that no one has taken the time to actually analyze The BEST WAY for you to manage cash flow – in YOUR company, with YOUR  clients, with YOUR  systems, and with YOUR offerings in the marketplace.  YOUR critical cash flow levers are SPECIFIC TO YOUR BUSINESS.  Cash Flow ‘Black Belts’ have always known this.
Even if you come from a business background, it’s astounding how cash flow can erode seemingly overnight.
Generic ‘buy low, sell high’ advice simply won’t cut it.
EVERY business is ‘one-of-a-kind’, INCLUDING YOURS.  So STOP trying to copy others.  INSTEAD build your own cash flow juggernaut.”
Dan Swart, CPA – Cash Flow Consultant
Let’s face it – the majority of small business owners today work harder and harder but don’t see the results in their bank accounts.  Why?  Because they do not yet understand all the things a dynamic, ultra-competitive marketplace demands of them.  Why do companies keep struggling year after year?  Because they don’t make the investment to learn of the many, many possible ways they can improve cash flow.  THEY ARE SIMPLY UNAWARE OF THEIR OPTIONS! 
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Ever notice that Companies with astounding cash flow ALWAYS know three things that you may not know About Your Business?

1 An unvarnished and honest understanding of how the current marketplace views their products and services – not how they THINK the marketplace values them, or SHOULD value them.

2 A clear understanding of the specific levels of cash the company MUST produce, and the CRITIACL CASH FLOW LEVERS for their specific business.  They learn, through experiment, what works and what doesn’t.

3 A clear understanding of how to measure and optimize performance FROM THE CUSTOMER’S POINT OF VIEW.  Most companies tout their ‘customer focus’ but you know from your own experience how few companies are ‘in-tune’ with their customers.