Ingredient 1 - "Get Your Company Size Right"

The first step in building an exceptional company is to estimate how much you’ll need in sales revenue to achieve your goals.  Most people think about budgets for cost containment and ‘realistic’ goal setting.
Use this tool to ‘set your cap’ on building the company of the right size to realize your goals!
I have put in Sample numbers so you can see how the calculator works.  Please fill in the cells in ORANGE below using YOUR company’s figures for costs, and your goals for annual salary, retirement plan, health costs, and net profit after everything but taxes.
You can ‘Print’ your results, “Update” or “Reset” the Calculator using the buttons indicated.  If you would like help, or would like to discuss your results, please complete the optional ‘Name” and “Email”  fields and hit the “Submit” button and I will contact you.
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